Seeking Information
Seeking any information concerning M. A. McCaul aka M. A. McCaul Mulvihill, born in Wichita May of 1953. Attended high school at Mt. Carmel; prior to moving to Tucson lived in Eastborough. Resident of Wichita, Tucson, AZ, California, and Topeka. Child of R. L. McCaul (Wilson) and T. McCaul Jr.... More
Posted March 23, 2019
Abandoned Property
Notice given to Gene Cusick that you may have abandoned household property (furniture, books, pictures, pet supplies) other personal property located at 105 E Sedgwick, Lot #3, Maize, KS 67101. This Abandoned Property will be disposed of on or about April 7, 2019. Contact your landlord prior to... More
Posted March 22, 2019